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Scholarships in memory of experimental test pilot Eric E. Fiore

Congratulations to the 2019 winner of the Eric E. Fiore Memorial Space Camp Scholarship

If you’ve ever purchased a copy of Flight through Fire or donated to “The Challenger Fund” after Eric’s plane crash, then you helped send a kid to Space Camp at the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, Kansas.     As an experimental test pilot, Eric was one step away from astronaut. He had applied to NASA only a month before the accident, so it seemed fitting to fund a scholarship to send kids to Space Camp. I’m…

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Team Skye

It’s Cute Animal Friday at Team Skye

Hi Teens,   Hop on over to Team Skye and become a member. It’s Friday and that means cute animal pics. It’s the one day we take a break from environmental news and solutions to the climate crisis and squeal over cute animals. You are welcome to post your own favorite animal pictures. Just remember to double-check that the images aren’t copyrighted. Happy Friday! Carol  

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The Climate Crisis

A Climate Fair!

Hi Friends, I’m really excited to be part of a climate fair in October called  “Climate Change of Heart.” The climate crisis is here but being negative and giving up is not going to help. This event will have music, a performance, a slide presentation, and cookies. Don’t pretend you don’t want cookies. Join us! And it goes without saying that this event has nothing to do with my books! The sponsoring group does not…

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