The Climate Crisis

Carbon dioxide decreasing nutrition

What About Food?

The climate crisis is a complicated issue, but lately nutritional content of food has been in the news. Research indicates that increasing levels of carbon dioxide are decreasing nutritional levels of grains, particularly rice. This is a huge issue in places like Bangladesh that rely on rice for about 2/3 of their diet.

What Do Farmers Think?

Farmers are on the forefront of the climate problem. They are experiencing droughts, flooding, and invasion of pests–increasing due to warming temperatures. Unfortunately, they live in places in the U.S. where climate deniers abound. It is up to all of us to teach others about the climate problem in a calm, scientific manner. I know it’s difficult when confronted with ridiculous conspiracy theories, but we can’t give up or lose hope. Our planet literally depends on our actions.

It’s going to take more than saying NO to plastic straws, however. Yes, collectively we can all make an impact on the effects of global warming, but companies are creating most of the greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming, so we need government to step in and pass regulation. Which sectors are creating the problem?

Vote For the Planet

If you want to do something about the climate crisis, you MUST vote. Check out the records of every single person running for office and vote for the planet. Sadly, there are way too many members of Congress who are climate deniers. Don’t forget about local officials.

Here’s a recent appalling post from a climate denier who represents Arizona’s 11th legislative district.



This guy needs to be voted out of office.

Check out his appalling voting record here or use the site to check out your own elected official.





We can make a difference, but it’s going to take all of us, working diligently. Don’t give up. I won’t.

For the planet,