Diversity is critical

Diversity Importance

Diversity importance is at the core of The Skye Van Bloem Trilogy. The major theme of the first book Countdown concerns the loss of biodiversity and what that means for the planet. Various reasons are woven into the text through the words of animals at a conference to decide the fate of humans: poaching, habitat destruction, animal cruelty, climate change, pollutants like plastics.


Respect and Value Human Culture

Human diversity is also critical. Skye’s best friends are a black female and a gay male. She travels to three different countries and meets people from other cultures. In the second book Holding, a climate dystopia, Skye travels to two alien planets and there is much more about  human diversity importance. Or in this case, alien diversity.

Call out Hate. Condemn White Supremacy.

It’s hard for me as an activist to watch the hate directed toward minorities and marginalized people in this country. Referring to groups of people seeking a better life as vermin or an infestation or an invasion is to treat them as sub-human. This is not OK and must stop. This sort of language is contributing to violence in this country, and it starts at the top. The daily tweets and hateful rhetoric at rallies is destroying the country. There is blatant racism in America and every single one of us must call it out when we see it. People of color are our neighbors, our friends, and our fellow human beings. Stand up for what is right. Call out hate. If you are doing nothing, then you are complicit.

Vote Them OUT

As Skye says, “Voting is powerful.” We must vote out elected representatives who aren’t representing ALL people, regardless of color or religion or sexual orientation. We must vote out those who won’t enact gun control. Muskets are the only weapons I’m down with having. Until we start outlawing guns that belong only on a battlefield, we’re going to have more of these shootings. And white supremacy is a sickness that needs to be excised.

Making a Difference

The last book of the trilogy Launch is about revolution, good government, personal choices. I want to do more than entertain with this trilogy. There is much at stake.