Free eBook to Honor Test Pilot Eric Fiore

Get a Free eBook About a Courageous Test Pilot

Everyone loves a free eBook, particularly one about a test pilot.

Today, Oct 10, and tomorrow, Oct 11, 2020 get a free eBook of Flight through Fire on amazon. True story of an F-15 pilot/test pilot

October 10, 2020 marks the 20 year anniversary of the crash of an experimental Challenger 604 at Mid-Continent Airport. Three brave men died as a result. Test pilot Eric Fiore died in the burn unit of Via Christi hospital 36 days later.

Watch the live video tribute on Facebook

Read the article in the Wichita Eagle newspaper about the 20-year anniversary.

Watch the October 10, 2020 evening news report from KAKE TV in Wichita, Kansas.

Watch the video tribute to Eric on vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Get a Free eBook About a Courageous Test Pilot”

  1. You are absolutely right! It is unconscionable that airlines are refusing and even getting annoyed at people who complain that people are angry when others do not wear masks. This pandemic will not stop until everyone becomes conscious of and respects people around them. I hope you will be listened to, since in terms of the economy, the airlines would do far better if they paid attention to CDC guidelines. Thank you for doing this.

  2. Carol: We were classmates (I was AMM). The first time I met Eric in his first floor “D” block dorm room, he had just completed rewiring it. I can picture his roommate (a PPO), but cannot remember it. We had several classes together and often talked about his flying Ricky Reynold’s aircraft. I failed a check-ride in Ricky’s camo Grumman American TR2. I didn’t like the airplane, and he didn’t like me landing in front of the runway (he said to land short). This is the one that ended up in the river.

    So many memories. I live/work in STL (Boeing), so I get over to both the old & new campuses occasionally. As I stood at the mailbox end of Merc a month ago, the foliage was so dense I couldn’t see the chow hall. I couldn’t get to Halloren without a chainsaw. The new campus building has a great history wall. Too great. Not something I’d want my tuition paying for. I was there for an AIAA dinner and told the students that I met Oliver Parks while waiting for brunch one Sunday (I told him not to eat the food). I looked for, and found the Benoist aircraft plaque in the new alumni conference room. The importance of Benoist to local history was unfortunately not stressed by ‘ Woody” enough.

    Several of us were airport bumming before a VP airshow, and found Art Scholl loading the fireworks and pyrotechnics on his Chipmunk. Not wanting to bother him, we sat at the entrance and played with his dog ‘Aileron.” It was a great time to be a student. I sub’d in the Logistics degree program and still work with many grads. It has opened many doors.

    Thanks for sharing. Parks grads succeed.

    1. Hey Phil,
      I think I remember you. Thanks so much for those fun memories and for thinking about Eric. I miss him every single day. Be well! Tailwinds, Carol

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