Finnegan the puppy

The Continuing Tale of Puppy and Human Ringworm

More on the story of ringworm and getting rid of it…

This is a short blog on the status of ringworm in my Norfolk terrier, Finnegan, and in myself. Yes, I caught it–twice actually. Read the original story here

The Timeline

  • Puppy comes to me from the breeder with ringworm (end of January 2020).
  • I catch the ringworm (early February).
  • Puppy is treated (early February).
  • I’m treated with oral meds (late February).
  • My ringworm goes away (early March).
  • Puppy’s ringworm goes away (May).
  • My ringworm comes back in June (WTF?!)

Now what?

Breaking the Circle of Infection

I am currently on terbinafine. The puppy is continuing with Intrafungal (2.5 ml with one week on meds and one week off).

When I finish my 30 day supply of meds, the puppy will go off his meds after 4 1/2 months (yikes!), but I will go on another 30 day dose of terbinafine.

I have bleached and cleaned and bleached and cleaned and laundered bedding every day since early February.

The Finish Line

I will be done with my meds by mid-August and the puppy in 2 weeks. Ringworm can live on surfaces for over a year, but I’m going to hope that I have cleaned well enough and that Finnegan and I have boosted our immune systems enough to fight this.

My Final Advice

The breeder offered to take Finnegan back, but honestly those health guarantees are useless. Once you fall in love, you’re screwed. My advice: have that puppy tested for ringworm BEFORE you bring him/her home. Do not adopt the cutie if ringworm is present. Trust me, you’ll thank me.

Don’t do it. My vet bills have surpassed $2,000.