The Skye Van Bloem Trilogy

Who Doesn’t Love a FREE Book?

Interested in a FREE book?

Stuck at home hiding from the coronavirus? Bored of watching TV? Do you like free stuff?

Everybody loves free stuff, right?

Sorry…it isn’t toilet paper. Or hand sanitizer. Note to the planet: hoarding is rude.

For three days, starting at 12 am on the Ides of March (this Sunday March 15, 2020) and ending at 1 minute before midnight on Tuesday March 17, 2020, you can download Holding (Book Two –  The Skye Van Bloem Trilogy) absolutely free on amazon Kindle.

But I Don’t Have a Kindle!

No worries! Download this free app.

But I Didn’t Read Book One!

No worries! It is available on Kindle too. If you don’t want to read it, here is a summary (with spoilers).

A Final Note

Enjoy the book; if you like it–this is really important–don’t forget to leave a review on amazon and Goodreads.  I donate my royalties to environmental nonprofits. Help me help the planet.

Thank you and stay safe out there!