Elect People Who Will Take Climate Action

If you want climate action then it is vital that the right people are voted into office. A critically important election is being held in November 2020. I’m not going to talk about HIM. We all know he’s a science/climate denier and a bunch of other things, but I know you’re going to vote for democracy and for the planet. I’m talking about the most important election on the state level in Arizona in November.

What do you know about the Arizona Corporation Commission?

Do you think it’s just there to keep our utility rates in check? Yes, but it’s much, much more than that. Are you concerned about climate change? Clean, available water? Do you care about solar? Are you still upset that Prop 127 failed? Blame Pinnacle West and APS for that one. Are you sick of dark money influencing our state? Are you sick of the fossil fuel industry running things? Are you tired of the corruption? I know I am!

The important thing to remember is 5-4-3-2-1! There are 5 corporation commissioners. Right now, there are 4 republicans. In November, 3 seats are up for election. We need 2 to flip to Democrats. We need 1 Democratic in charge: Sandra Kennedy.

Who is Bill Mundell?

We need Democrat Bill Mundell. His nickname is the “Godfather of Solar” and he’s a nice guy on top of that. Please go to the following two sites to help Bill. The first will allow you to add your signature to get him on the ballot (you MUST be a registered Democrat or Independent in the state of Arizona). The second is to get Bill up to the donation threshold for running his clean election. He needs $5 donations from a bunch of people. Please, please do this if you can. The Arizona Corporation Commission is like the 4th branch of government in Arizona. It’s a vital agency. Please help Arizona turn blue!

Nominate Bill Mundell
Contribute $5 for Clean elections to Bill Mundell

Please share widely and check out Bill

Remember, climate change action starts with electing the right people!