Make NATO a Priority This Election

For a liberal, my election priority is not exactly typical. Perhaps it is due to my upbringing as a military “brat” or my devotion to my late husband—a NATO fighter pilot. Yes, there are important election issues like protecting women’s rights and the environment. Folks are concerned about affording groceries and gas. Healthcare, homelessness, immigration, education, gun control, and a host of other things affect us all. But protecting democracy should be our primary focus…

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Learning Dutch

A Loving, Satirical Look at Learning to Speak Dutch

  You’ve decided to learn Dutch. Congrats and good luck! If I can do it, anyone can. But… Unless you are gifted in languages (definitely not me!), you’ll need a lot of time for studying and a whole bunch of tenacity. After two years of study, I feel I should be further along on my language journey, so I’m going to the Netherlands for a month of intensive immersion in Bart de Pau’s Dutch Summer…

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