An Open Letter to the Airlines

An Open Letter to the Airline Industry Dear Airline Industry, You want us to fly again, right? The thing I miss the most since the pandemic hit is flying. My family lives too far away to make driving feasible, and I adore traveling and meeting new people. I don’t think anyone really loves being squished into small airline seats, but we like where planes can take us and the speed (generally) with which they do…

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Finnegan the puppy

A Puppy, Ringworm, and COVID-19

Life With a Puppy Named Finnegan, Ringworm, and COVID-19     “I can’t send him back because I fell in love with him.” Those are the words I wrote to the breeder of my barely 4-month-old Norfolk terrier puppy “Finnegan” when he was diagnosed with ringworm and she offered to take him back. How did I discover he had it? I woke up, in my daughter’s house in Florida, my chin and neck sporting round,…

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