Space Camp Scholarship Recipients

If you’ve purchased a copy of Flight through Fire (before June 2022) or donated to “The Challenger Fund” after Eric’s plane crash, then you helped send a kid to Space Camp at the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, Kansas.



As an experimental test pilot, Eric was one step away from astronaut. He had applied to NASA only a month before the accident, so it seemed fitting to fund a scholarship to send kids to Space Camp.






Here are the winners from previous years:

2001 Brittani Hernandez (Wichita, Kansas)

2002 Justin Hulett (Colwich, Kansas)

2003 Sam Hofmeier (Wichita, Kansas)

2004 Garrick Burford (Wichita, Kansas)

2005 Nicholas Hoffman (Wichita, Kansas)

2006 Kyle Sykes (Haysville, Kansas)

2007 Mike Papps (Wichita, Kansas)

2008 (There were no applicants)

2009 Ryan Sinness (Wichita, Kansas) and Whitney Woodland (Olathe, Kansas)

2010 Katelynn Caselton and Damildla Okeowo

2011 Jessica Fabin (Garden City, Kansas)

2012 Samuel Heinrich (Wichita, Kansas) & Luke Marquardt (Garden Plain, Kansas)

2013 Sam Thompson (Overland Park, Kansas)

2014 Lake Winter (Concordia, Kansas)

2015 Sierra Green (Hooks, Texas)

2016 Caitlyn Sanders (Hutchinson, Kansas)

2017 Sydney Hunt (Waterford, Michigan)

2018 Sarah Spencer (Peabody, Kansas)

2019 Daniel Moeller (Lantana, Texas)

2020 COVID-19

2021 Cora Emberton (Louisville, Tennessee)

2022 Eva Failer (Onaga, Kansas)

2023 Addison Grommesh (Wichita, KS) and Corbin Wise (Wichita, KS)


Do you know a junior high/high school student interested in an amazing week of Space Camp with all boarding, meals, and tuition paid for by the scholarship? Plus a small check sent directly from me for spending money? Contact the Cosmosphere for details on how to apply (I don’t pick the recipient).

Thanks, friends. We’ve made a difference in the lives of many kids!

Experimental Test Pilot Eric E. Fiore