Environmental Nonprofits Needing Your Help

Important Note: These are my favorite environmental nonprofits and I encourage you to support them. However, their inclusion here is not an endorsement of me or my books by them or their affiliates.

New Zealand nonprofits

The Kea Conservation Trust

New Zealand kea
My favorite animal on the planet, a kea. (Photo taken by Carol)








Fascinated with kea? Meet Merry, a kea in The Skye Van Bloem Trilogy.

Forest and Bird

The Wildlife Hospital, Dunedin, New Zealand

American environmental nonprofits

The American Bird Conservancy Cats, Indoors!

Bat Conservation International (BCI)

The Center for Biological Diversity

The Climate Reality Project


A special note about one of my favorite nonprofits

I am absolutely THRILLED to be an Education Sponsor of The Audubon Center for Birds of Prey

Please donate generously. The birds thank you!