Book Club Questions for Holding: Book Two, The Skye Van Bloem Trilogy

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{Warning: Some spoiler alerts ahead!}







1. The main theme of Holding is the climate crisis. Why did the author use a foreign planet to illustrate this? What aspects of the climate crisis are part of the narrative? How many can you name?

2. What is the significance of “The Atten Chronicles” in Chapter 12?

3. Why is the character of Yip/Yap in the book? Is this character a possible metaphor?

4. How is Skye’s grief for Oma tied to her grief for the planet Earth?

5. Discuss the love story between Skye and Starion. Discuss Henry and Carson’s relationship.

6. Were you surprised when Skye’s secret was revealed?

7. Why did the author include the section about eating jufons? Are food choices related to the climate crisis?

8. By the end of the book, the three best friends—Skye, Henry, and Janine—become separated. Why? What does this foreshadow for the final book?

9. Compare and contrast the two villains, Oln and Pruet.

10. How are social justice issues highlighted?

11. What common thread runs through the female characters of Skye, Thea, Candliss, Rob, and Janine? Who is your favorite and why?