Photographs of

Eric E. Fiore

Please feel free to download any of the following photographs.

  1. Eric in the F-15 at Soesterberg, The Netherlands
  2. Eric pretending to be Robin Hood in Nottingham, England
  3. Eric reading
  4. Eric at a carvery restaurant in London
  5. Eric in the cockpit of the Cessna JPATS
  6. Eric walking the wing of the Cessna JPATS during a preflight inspection
  7. Eric telling his views at a party given by his T-37 students at SAFB
  8. Eric in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. This was on a trip with Cessna for the Citation X. A Cessna FTE said it hit -40 degrees on that trip. They took pictures of everyone with frosty eyebrows because it looked so funny.
  9. Eric--F-15 Eagle Warrior!
  10. Eric in Venice in 1985
  11. Capt. Eric--PIT instructor pilot at SAFB
  12. Eric at Luke AFB, Phoenix in 1985
  13. Eric instructing in the T-37 Tweet
  14. Eric in the cockpit of the T-37
  15. Eric at an outdoor cafe in Paris in 1985. Hemingway used to write at one of the tables in this same cafe.
  16. Eric loving the Cessna JPATS!
  17. Eric on Halloween in the Netherlands with our dog Mopsy in 1985. Dressed up as Robin Hood, of course!
  18. Eric in a pub in England in 1993
  19. Eric with his grandfather (who died in Jan.2000)
  20. Eric in front of his favorite London pub
  21. Eric Fiore--Eagle Driver
  22. Eric next to an F-15 (four by four by gun,cocked and ready in a TAB V bunker)
  23. Eric in an F-15 on patrol over the Netherlands
  24. Eric (new brown bar) next to the F-15. "I is a fighter pilot now!"
  25. Eric in his new Christmas robe (1992).
  26. Eric at Bombardier Aerospace
  27. Eric putting the "topper" on the Christmas tree (Texas, 1992).
  28. Eric's RJ700 (Bombardier Aerospace plane)
  29. A very young 2nd Lt. Eric Fiore--in the tank after soloing the T-37
  30. Eric in "daddy mode" in the early 1990's with the children in Texas
  31. Eric accepting the Herman R. Salmon Technical Publications Award from the Society of Experimental Test Pilots in 1996.
  32. Eric next to his favorite flight test plane--the Cessna JPATS.
    How he loved that plane! This is the picture that hung on Eric's hospital room door for almost 36 days.
  33. Eric next to the Cessna Excel.
  34. Eric with one of the most prestiguous safety awards in the world--the 1999 Tony Levier Flight Test Safety Award.
  35. Eric when he worked for Cessna.
  36. Eric next to "his" beloved RJ at Bombardier Aerospace.
  37. Eric pretending to be a lion with one of his children. Eric's own father used to play this game with him.

    The next 7 pictures are ones of Eric with his beloved F-15 Eagle.
    We refer to these as "hero shots".

  38. Hero Shot #1
  39. Hero Shot #2
  40. Hero Shot #3
  41. Hero Shot #4
  42. Hero Shot #5
  43. Hero Shot #6
  44. Hero Shot #7

  45. More of that wonderful Cessna JPATS!
    (Note to the USAF: You really blew it when you didn't pick this awesome jet...)
  46. Eric in Leadville.
  47. Eric with the VP of the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center and the Liberty Bell 7.
  48. Eric loving the cold and snow!
  49. An incredibly handsome Eric in his tuxedo in 1999.
  50. Eric in F-15 training at Luke AFB in 1985. "Hey, Carol! I've got the key to the instructor's jet!"
    (Note from Carol: He had me fooled for a minute, but then I realized...F-15's don't require keys.)
  51. This is the most recent picture we have of Eric. It was taken one day before the accident.
    (Note from Carol: For those of you who have never seen Eric with a beard, this was the only time he ever had one. He grew it while cold weather testing in Argentina in the summer of 2000. I loved it.)