The Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology (St. Louis University) Memorial to Eric

On Saturday September 29,2001, Eric's contribution to aviation was recognized and a display case of several of his flying items was dedicated as part of the Parks College of Engineering,Aviation and Technology Alumni Reunion Weekend. Speeches were given by Carol and Tia Fiore.

The display case is in the front of McDonnell Douglas Hall on the main campus of St. Louis University.

Please feel free to see the display case, and remember Eric. His contribution to aviation was immense.

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To donate money to the new scholarship set up in November 2003, please mail your check to the following address.

The Eric E.Fiore Memorial Fund for Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology
Saint Louis University
ATTN: Laura Wheeler/Development Assistant
3450 Lindell Blvd.
St.Louis, MO 63103