Making Your Property Wildlife Friendly

First, and foremost, keep your cat confined indoors!

Carol is strongly opposed to violence or cruelty of any kind toward
cats or other animals.
Please report known illegal activities to the proper authorities.

There are humane methods for excluding cats from your property.

To make your garden wildlife friendly...

Hoping to attract opossums and raccoons? Biologist Ron Jurek has reservations about the promoting of wildlife feeding, especially opossums and raccoons. You may wish to go to this site.

Squirrels: You either love them or you hate them! If you love them, put out sunflower seed, dry corn, and peanuts. If you hate them, put baffels around your feeders. It also helps to put corn out and AWAY from your feeders (keeps the critters out of trouble!)

Bunnies are easy. Provide water, brush piles, and dried corn and sunflower seeds (although food is not necessary as they are excellent foragers). Of course a nice garden with goodies in it helps...

For more information on creating wildlife friendly yards, contact the National Wildlife Federation.