Myths About Cats and Birds

If you believe ANY of the following points, then we have a bridge in Brooklyn we can sell you! Carol's study and other studies have proved these points to be false! Skeptical? Click on the numbers before each item to get substantiating evidence and/or citations for supporting scientific studies. (Points 5,6 & 7 reference the same web page).

1. Well-fed cats don't hunt.
2. Bells on cat collars are good things. My cat has a bell and it never kills birds.
3. Fences keep cats out.
4. Indoor cats just can't be happy.
5. Other cats kill birds, but not my cat!
6. My cat stays in his yard. He (she) never wanders.
7. I know where my cat is!
8. My cat got a bird, but its OK. I saw the bird get away.
9. My outdoor cat keeps mice out of my house.
10. So what if my cat kills a couple birds. Nobody cares.

Be honest...
do you know exactly what your cat is doing right now??