Solutions for Roaming Cats

Question: There are cats in my yard that do not belong to me. I don't want them there. What can I do?

Answer: You have a few options, but first of all...

Carol is strongly opposed to violence or cruelty of any kind toward
cats or other animals.
Known illegal activities should be reported to the proper authorities.


If you know the identity of the owner, you can...

Don't bother wasting your time by telling the neighbor to declaw the cat or put a bell on it. Neither one will work! Declawed cats wearing bells still kill birds! Also, fences do not work (unless it's electrified).

If you are sure the cat is a stray...

If you are not sure if the cat is a pet, check with animal control concerning regulations. Never violate the law!

Please feel free to contact us, but remember that we cannot give legal advice.