Do Bells on Cat Collars Prevent Bird Killing??


And here's why...

A bell cannot help babies in the nest who cannot fly. So what if they hear the cat coming? Many bird parents will not flush from the nest in time and, well... Cats also learn to tuck their chins in so the bell does not make a sound. Remember, not all birds can fly! Think about you ALWAYS hear your belled cat coming?

A study by David Paton in the Department of Zoology at the University of Adelaide in Australia clearly shows that bells do not prevent cats from taking prey. Take a look at it (see the citation below.) There are other studies about bells and cats and all show that bells are ineffective deterrents. Incidentially there have been several excellent studies in Australia concerning the effect cats are having on wildlife there. Check Ron Jurek's compilation.

Potter, C. (ed.) 1991. The impact of cats on native wildlife, proceedings of a workshop, 8-9 May 1991, Endangered Species Unit, Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service.

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